Saturday, September 13, 2008

Dry Tears


As you can see on this radar, IKE barely missed us in the Austin/Round Rock area. We were teased all day long with sporadic gusts of wind...

And not a single drop of rain.
We have a 20% chance of rain tomorrow (Sunday) Should I hold my breath?

By the way; the drought here is so bad, I called my insurance company last month to assess the damage. My house is cracking and falling apart. Insurance said "drought damage" isn't in the books. Not only would they not pay for it, but... they raised our house insurance.

It's so dry here, I can't even cry.


Jeanne said...

Bummer. It's feast or famine with the rain situation.

Never heard of someone home insurance being raised just for asking a question! That doesn't seem fair at all.

Texas Mom said...

According to their rejection letter, my insurance company said, QUOTE: "Using today's costs for labor and materials, the cost to rebuild your home is estimated at... "

In other words, my original policy cannot cover TODAY'S costs in repairing a house. Now they want to raise my insurance to cover the additional $19,000 it would take.

Anonymous said...

That sucks!!!!
Sometimes I wonder what good insurance really is when it comes to a true disaster.. for instance, we live in earthquake country and if we have one our insurance won't cover the house AND they won't sell us any earthquake insurance because of the high risk.
Flooding isn't covered either.. so if our house should wash down the hill we're just up a creek (pun intended)

Jeanne said...

Think of how many people pay for insurance for years and never make a claim.

My father retired in Kansas and bought a limestone ranch house built in 1865. His area was hit by a tornado in June and all the new construction on the ranch blew away, and all the old held strong. They really don't build them like they used to. Older buildings are often better! You'd think that would work in your favor somehow. -And he's had to fight with Insurance like crazy since the tornado.
We've heard that a lot of times, after a big natural disaster (his town was 80% destroyed) that everyone gets dropped by their Insurance after their claim is settled. :(

Jeanne said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog. It's a hard subject. I don't think there's a one size fits all answer, which was my problem with the message I heard today.
It's just not that easy.
Oh well- at least we got to hear our kids sing.

Sunny said...

ok now I see where you are!Could have checked here first.
Glad the hurricane missed you.Sorry about the insurance.