Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bob-Bob Bobbin' Along...

Well, so much for having thriving and healthy garden veggies when you have hungry critters!

The mystery of our missing baby cucumbers and vanishing cherry tomatoes have been solved. I didn't mention it earlier because I kept thinking it was something else - the wind blowing them off, or my eyes playing tricks...

Pamela spied a red Robin in our tomato patch!

It was actually comical earlier. I had our sandwiches lying open on the table, heaped with tuna and mayo. I was getting the knife ready to slice while Pamela went outdoors to pluck the ripe and succulent tomato for our lunch. A min later she came indoors to inform me that there was a huge bite taken out!

There was one other tomato on the vine, but it still needed another day or so to ripen. Within less than an hour, THAT one had a bite too!

Setting the scarecrow in the tomato patch didn't help!

I guess we need to go buy one of those fake owl decoys -- the one with the head that wobbles. Think it's a waste of money?

Not wanting to risk losing my peppers too, I picked them today.

Gosh, now I'm wondering if we are EVER going to have fresh tomatoes again. Our local stores have pulled them from their shelves due to the Salmonella scare. Even our local hamburger joints. I still need to repot the new tomato plant I had purchased yesterday... but what's the use if the birds are going to beat me to them?

Any suggestions?

When the Red, Red Robin Comes Bob-Bob Bobbin' Along...

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Posh And Trendy said...

What a shame.. back when I planted a whole garden in the back yard we had a problem with a turtle taking a bite out of every veggie.. he never ate a whole one or swipped them. He'd just ruin every one by taking a chunk out of them.
Your problem should be simple.. make a net bag from some net fabric and cover the plant with it. Some of that cheap wedding tule (sp) would work great. Good luck and if you try what I suggested, let me know how it worked.
You asked when and if I was going to remove the wire and flowers from around my plants.. I can't because the squirrels are still trying to dig the plants up. It's time to declare war on some of our pest.