Monday, June 30, 2008

Gecko Geico Insurance

Woot! We got rain last night. What a blessing! With the ground nice and soft, I tackled my front yard with the hoe and rake - tearing up the ground. Yep, I'm working on my front yard garden. I googled pictures of front yard gardens and read about indignant neighbors. I fail to see how they would much prefer to see a neglected crab-grass side yard that's turning yellow, over a plush veggie garden.

The only thing... I do plan to add a poultry fence to scan about 15' by 25' in diameter - this will protect the veggies from critters. So far, I've spotted opossum and bunny rabbits in the wee hours of the morning, not to mention stray dogs.

Pamela and I couldn't locate any biodegradable planters at the store so I decided to use styrofoam cups. We punched holes in the bottom for drainage and marked each cup to identify the seedlings. I figured by the time they are ready to transplant, the front yard garden will be ready. Although this is early summer, I highly expect to have a good growing season, as I've had tomatoes still blooming in November.

This morning we planted, Zucchini, 3 varieties of Bell Peppers and 2 varieties of beans.

The baby gecko pictured above, we found in the greenhouse. He measured less than an inch. This insectivorous is a welcomed guest! I call him my GECKO INSURANCE against unwanted bugs.

Speaking of GECKO, I actually use Geico car insurance. Three times since we've purchased our car, we've had 2 fender benders and we've hit a deer. Each time, the insurance company speedily took care of us.

No joke, but one of my fender benders happened when I was leaving the grocery store. A man with California plates rear ended me and the officer who took our insurance looked at us both and said, "I have both bad news and good news for you two." He glanced at the man, "The bad news is that you'll have to pay for this accident." and then he looked at me and said, "The good news is that you just saved a bunch of money by switching to Geico car insurance!"

Yes, I know corny, but the cop actually broke the ice and made us laugh! So anyway, I enjoy gecko insurance in my garden too! (And no, I don't work for Geico.)


Anonymous said...

I love your green house insurance.. I wouldn't mind to have one myself.
Mom use to tell me that years ago it was common practice to plant a garden in the front yard. As long as its well tended I don't see any reason for the neighbors to not like it.
My neighbor behind me plants his side yard with tomatoes and a neighbor down the street grows cukes in her front flower bed.

Life Insurance Canada said...

Nice blog...I am so jealous...I have to sit here in Toronto, surrounded by cars and scyscrapers and dreaming about escaping to nature :) I would prefer Gecko insurance instead of all these group benefits Canada papers and similar stuff lying on my table I have to go through...
Take care!