Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Updated DNA Migration Patterns

Original - J1 migration map

Updated - J1 migration map

As promised, National Geographic posts updates on the genome project!

What's interesting about the original J1 map in comparison of the updated version is that the migration patterns have been eliminated from Europe. According to website:

Members of haplogroup J1 live in the highest concentrations near its ancestral birthplace in the Middle East, as well as in Arabia, North Africa and Ethiopia. The haplogroup also carries a strong cultural connection—many of its members with European ancestry are Jewish. More than half of all J1 samples in the Genographic database are Ashkenazi Jews, revealing a genetic connection to the Middle Eastern homeland of Judaism.

Looking at the updated migration patterns, one can only presume that my father's ancestors traveled to the America's due to the Diaspora and the Spanish Inquisition!

** It is interesting that J1 is found in Ethiopia as well. It's been speculated that King Solomon had sired a son from Queen Sheba. Not only has DNA shown that a certain tribe in Ethiopia has a genetic match, but this tribe might possibly have in their posession the Ark of Covenant! Of course, only time will tell!

Although there were no updated maps for my husband's DNA - I did find an update on the ethnic percentages:

My husband's DNA - R1B - 70% men in southern England belong to R1B with 90% in parts of Spain and Ireland.

Haplogroup R1B - migration map

My husband's Mitochondrial Eve DNA - Haplogroup H - 40-60% European populations share this DNA along with 40% in Rome and Athens.

Haplogroup H - migration map

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Since I had just sent off for my own mitochondrial Eve DNA, I don't expect to have the results back for another month or so.


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