Friday, February 15, 2008

UPDATE: DNA Isolation

Batch Created!

Wow! Talk about doing a double take this morning! I was checking the status of my DNA online and not ONLY did my sample arrive to the labs in Arizona - for the BATCH stage, but now my DNA is in the Isolation process! Actual TESTING has begun!

This is what happens during the ISOLATION step:

The cells are broken open by incubation with a protein-cutting enzyme overnight. Chemicals and the samples are transferred into deep well blocks for robotic DNA isolation. The blocks of chemicals and samples are placed on the extraction robot. The robotic DNA isolation uses silica-coated iron beads. In the presence of the appropriate chemicals DNA will bind to silica. The robot then uses magnetic probes to collect the beads (and DNA) and transfer them through several chemical washes and finally into a storage buffer, which allows the beads to release the DNA. At this point the beads are collected and discarded.

The next stage is the DNA analysis, quality control, and FINAL RESULTS!

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Posh said...

Moving fast isn't it?