Wednesday, July 6, 2016


5***** Star Review of the Urpower Essential Oil Diffuser. ALL of my reviews are based on products that I have personally purchased, used, and would recommend!

Back in September 2015, I was searching for an affordable diffuser as my $130 doTERRA essential oil diffuser broke after a mere 2 months! I was on the market for something budget, and worked! Based on the Amazon reviews, I purchased the Urpower ---- was so pleased with the results, I bought ANOTHER ONE, this time settling for the Urpower 2nd Edition.

Technically, I am reviewing the 2nd edition version of the Urpower Essential Oil diffuser. However - both diffusers are going strong after 10 months, and filling our home with the scents of 100% essential oils. As for the difference on the versions, the newer one has options to diffuse continuously, or timed intervals, as well as the option to increase the light.

With 7 colored interchanging LED lights, the diffuser is not only attractive in the home, but can also be used as a night light.

The biggest bonus of all is the HEALTH benefits, not to mention, the support of my husband who approves and continuously remarks how wonderful the home smells. (With 3 dogs in the home, that's saying a lot!) In the past when I would burn the Yankee Candles and other supermarket brands, he would complain of a headache. At the time, I didn't realize the harm I was doing to the home with burning paraffin wax and lead wicks.

Now with the diffuser, I am using 100% essential oils, with the benefits of a cool mist humidifier.

Some of my family favorites are diffusing 3-5 drops of:

Lavender - (comfort, wellbeing)
Eucalyptus/Lavender - (sinus, congestion)
Lemon - (for that deep cleaning, energizing scent)
Wild Orange/Cinnamon - (Warm home, energy)
Peppermint/Lavender - (Sickness, colds, headaches)

~ Favorite Market Blends for scenting the home ~

Tranquility, by Aura Cacia
Whisper, by Doterra

My favorite is the Tranquility blend which consists of these oils:

Roman Chamomile

Just this morning, my husband remarked again that he loved this scent!

The Urpower diffuser comes with the cord, measuring cup, and a booklet on how to care for the diffuser.  I personally use tap water and have not cleaned my diffuser yet. I run my diffuser practically 24 hours a day.  This is a lot of wear and tear for going on 10 months! The only "con" that I have experienced is that the top/lid of the diffuser has become more difficult to twist on/off to refill, but it's a minor inconvenience, and sometimes, I don't even bother to firmly attach top. But will fill with water, drop the oils and gently rest lid back on. 

I do not get paid to do these reviews, but purchasing from the links I have provided, not only saves you the trouble to find the best deals/price on Amazon, but it also gives me a bonus in my Amazon account so that I can continue to shop.

If you have tried this product, or planning to purchase one of these diffusers, I am always happy to answer your questions.

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