Saturday, May 10, 2014

Outdoor Dining is the BEST!


I Love our new 19" portable barbecue grill!

My family enjoys outdoor dining and have made this a weekly tradition. We look forward to each weekend and coming up with new ideas for meals to grill.

Some of our favorites

  • Grilled Salmon
  • Mushroom-Bell Pepper-Tomato-Jalapeno-Zucchini-Steak-K Bobs
  • Hamburgers
  • Steaks
  • Sausage
  • Fried potatoes, onoins, beef from an iron skillet
  • Chicken wings
Remember those restaurants where you pay a small fortune to have someone cook in front of you? Well you can now save your money and enjoy fine dining at home!

Grilling our food table top provides us with extra benefits

  • Mosquitoes don't like sticking around for dinner
  • Flies hate the smoke too
  • Food tastes better!
  • Spending more time with family around the table
This handy little grill has legs that fold underneath, giving us the ability to cook at eye level on our table. We purchased this grill from our grocery store for $24. I've found some online at Amazon GRILL

Check out the table I got from Craigslist for FREE! I was online looking to buy a used metal table as I had sworn off owning another glass table. (We've lost 2 glass patio tables to hail damage in the past.)

Was planning to touch up the table with some spray paint, but have since fallen in love with the rustic charm.

Hard to burn dinner when it's cooking from the table!

What I especially love about this small grill is that we are saving money on charcoal. We own several barbecue grills of varying sizes and some of the larger ones uses up a lot of charcoal.
With the smaller grill, we are able to grill more often and use less.
There are also added benefits of being able to continue cooking during a major power outage. We've grilled in freezing temperatures and the table setting keeps us warm and cozy.
Using less charcoal and being able to cook when there's no power is an added bonus for me. I'm really sold on this grill! 

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