Saturday, March 23, 2013

Pool Was Draining

It was a VERY difficult decision, but we have decided to take down our 28' swimming pool. In a way, nature helped us make up our mind. One morning after a severe thunderstorm, I walked outside to water the chickens and did a double take. The pool (winter cover still partially intact) was completely hollow looking. Sometime during the night, the weight of the rain had pushed down on the tarp, and somehow tugged at the liner underneath. It was just enough of an opening that the force of the water was able to slip through the side.

(My next door neighbor must of thought it rained A LOT that night!) :) With the pool completely empty, and the tarp ripped at the sides, it was just another example of how our pool was draining our patience and becoming a money trap.

With pool supplies going up in price, higher utilities from running the pump day and night, and with a leaky filter draining water around the pool, we were harvesting mosquitoes like crazy. Then we had the decision to either readjust the liner, fill up the pool again and order another winter cover, or just let it go...

I listed the pool on Craigslist for free and it was gone the next day! The guy kept thanking us profusely for his "treasure" and I said, "No, THANK YOU!"

My treasure is the PERLITE found underneath the plastic liner (The pool was already installed before we purchased our home.)  I went online and haven't seen too many people talk about recycling pool perlite, but upon research, I've read over and over it is non toxic. Perlite is a form of volcanic glass that is mined all over the world. In fact I purchased a bag several months ago to add to my potting soil mix. Now that I have an entire "beach" of perlite, I plan to add it to all my raised beds.

Not wanting to tear down our deck, I'm trying to figure out a creative way to use the space. Stay tuned!


Patty said...

I bet the back yard looks empty! Be sure to take lots of photos so we can see the before and after pictures as you make progress.

Anonymous said...

We're planning on making a storage shed under our tallest pool deck and I plan to make wooden garden containers to sit on top and also across the 3 steps that lead up to it.. might even sit a fountain in the middle. Kind of terraced looking.