Friday, May 6, 2011

WANTED: dead specimens

Face of wasp (click photo's to enlarge)

For my daughter's homeschool science projects, we've been enjoying our dissecting digital microscope.

The Roly Poly that took me 20 min to kill - Dawn dishsoap.

bug fished from pool (pool's are perfect for finding intact/dead or atleast sedated bugs)


Earring my brother purchased for me when he was in Egypt. This is the exact flower design I had seen in Jerusalem, and on some ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics.

Israeli Shekel

bug (hadn't identified) found in pool

If you look closely, there's a circular shape on the abdomen that resembles a pig's snout. While viewing through live video, I noticed this "snout" has tiny tentacles that protrude from the openings.



Wild onion flower stem

Wild Onion flower petal

Although the microscope comes with an upper/lower light, my mini LED flashlight captures the true color's the best.

Plant leaf

Moth eye

Moth leg


Roly Poly

Rock found on the Mount of Olives

Diseased leaf

Okay, STOP HERE if you are squeamish. Are you sure you want to know what this is?

Last chance to stop reading.

While examining a dead fly, this "parasite" crawled out of it.


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Patty said...

Creepy but neat!
We have a stereoscope that is fun to use and I have often wished we had a camera to hook up to it.