Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Staying Organic

I found this treasure at my local library for $1 in the used book section. A very handy guide on organic gardening. The author has some great articles on why we should grow organic, rather than hybrid, not to mention why bugs and even WEEDS are essential! -- Yes, weeds. (It is nice to know that I'm not the only one who likes weeds!) http://www.malcolmbeck.com/

This video was really motivating about how gardening requires good stewardship in handling outdoor pests. When left alone, nature takes care of itself! If you're even thinking about organic gardening, watch this video! This man's garden is amazing and I really like his perspectives.

For a natural and more effective way of handling unwanted pests, Diatomaceous (pronounced - die-uh-toe-may-she-us) earth, can be used as a barrier around your home to prevent unwanted guests. This is of course, the BEST remedy, rather than using poisons that will harm ourselves, pets, and our environment. Diatomaceous Earth can be purchased at Lowe's, or your local feedstores. Some brands come in food grade, and is used for cattle consumption to ward off unwanted parasites, etc. I wouldn't use this on my plants, as the last thing I'd want to do is kill off the essential bugs - Lady Bugs, Praying Mantis, Beetles, Bees, etc.

Corn! This is the organic gourmet popcorn that I had purchased from an Amish store. Check out the miniature ears.

I have a bunch of reeds (bamboo-like) growing in my backyard, and these have served wonderfully as tall sticks for my pole beans. What I hadn't expected was the reeds to propagate! From all the watering, the reeds are now growing new leaves and enjoying their new home with the beans. I'm thinking that what I'll probably do is allow the potted reeds to continue growing, and use these for shrubbery and screens around my home. Of course in pots! Unfortunately, the reeds that are growing against my fence like to spread into my neighbor's yard! :(

Another reason why I refuse to use poison in my yard. Lizards! These are my garden's best friend. It's been a few years since we've fanatically sprayed our yard with poisons, and mosquito sprays. In some cases, we would hook up the garden hose and spray every week or so! (shudder) It is safe to say that the health of my yard is finally bouncing back. Each year my garden is improving.

My peas are blooming!

Some of my pole beans. Next year, I have plans to grow several more pots of these, doubling the size of my garden.

We are at the end of August and I can sense fall in the air, even though the temps are averaging 100 degrees. Last week, we were teased with a few cool mornings. I'm really looking forward to shutting the pool down, and just focusing on a winter garden, opening my windows, and baking fresh bread!

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Patty said...

Everything looks so good; I especially like how you are getting a shoot from the bean pole, that’s too cute! I watched, skimmed over, the video, it’s too bad we couldn’t see his harvest.

Have you been eating anything else, aside from the melon, from your garden? How is the giant tomato doing?