Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Flying the Coop

Our four hens found a new home today. They're headed for a nice farm north of us and will be free ranging 10 acres! I placed an ad last night and woke up to an avalanche of emails! It was a tough choice picking the right family. One person said their hen was lonely and would enjoy the companionship. I almost picked her, but then thought, did something eat the rest of their chickens? Another woman said she had just built a coop and wanted these to be her first chickens! She was so excited. Another guy said he'd like them as he had just built a rabbit hutch. Hmmmm

I selected the family who promised to take good care of them, as their chickens were pets too.
We decided to re-home our hens due to several factors. Mainly, we feared for their safety as they kept escaping from their coop. We had already lost another hen this way and it was a very sad loss. The other reason is over our decision to travel. We're already discussing our next trip by the end of the year. We realize that re-homing them is the right decision.

We are very glad to have had the experience of raising our own chickens in the city, and are thrilled that we've experienced them mature and lay their first eggs.
It was a great learning experience.


Patty said...

I'm shocked!
Boo hoo, hoo!!!!
Oh well.
What are you going to do with all your food scraps?
It's going to be lonely outdoors now.

Helen said...

Sheba gets all the meat scraps, the rest will either be compost or tossed. We miss our hens already, but I know they must love their new home!

Pat aka Posh said...

What a shame but I understand.. having lived on a farm I know all about how hard it is to leave home for any length of time.

Cottage Creature said...

Hi, first I want to thank you visiting my blog, it was nice to hear from you again! I also had you saved to my favorites, but a new computer later...well, you know how it is.

Just wanted to say that even though we just have a cat, it's always hard leaving him behind when we travel. Even though I know he's well taken care of I still think about him being lonely at home when we're gone.

Egypt sounds very exciting! Half the fun is in the planning isn't it? We are planning another road trip in the USA this year...Texas to Washington State, that's exotic for us!

Greetings from "Schwabenländle"