Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hello Dolly!

Here's my newest creation - Miniature stuffed doll necklaces. Upon a search on the web, I do believe I'm the only one doing this. These are 100% hand sewn, and only 6" long.

My daughter and I are both sewing these for the Pioneer General Store at the living history museum where we volunteer.

We're having a lot of fun designing these!


Patty said...

These are too cute!!! How much will they sell for? Where did you get the idea? You are so creative!

Texas Mom said...

$6.50 for a necklace. Was trying to think of inventory for the store that was a little more affordable than the bonnets/dresses that I sell. The original idea was just to sell stuffed miniature dolls. Not sure how "necklace" came into the picture. Just popped in my head, transforming the doll into something more functional and fun.

Anonymous said...

Those are adorable and I bet they will be a big seller.

Anonymous said...


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Lancashire rose said...

They are absolutely darling. You are so talented. I hope they do well for the center.

The WoodLand School said...

These necklaces are SPECTACULAR!!! What a marvelous idea! It's always great to find a nice treat for under $10 in a store ... so I'm sure they'll be a big seller. Hooray for you!