Thursday, September 10, 2009

Heavenly burger

This freshly baked hamburger bun came from the 5-min Artisan bread I had blogged about earlier. I am so thrilled with the possibilities!
Honestly, this was the best tasting hamburger I've had in a long time. The last few times I ate burgers, my commercial bun crumbled into a gooey mess. All I can say is give this Artisan bread a try!


Patty said...

This looks so good!!!

You and mom are having too much fun with this bread.

The WoodLand School said...

YUM!!! I'll try these next :-)

Lancashire rose said...

I'm going to try it today. Couple of questions.
1) I have bread flour. Will that work or does it just have to be plain flour.
2) I heard her say leave it on the counter for an hour before putting it in the fridge.
3) what are the full directions?
4) I don't have a pizza stone. Problem.