Friday, October 31, 2008

Folding fabric...

Okay, I'm stepping on the bandwagon and organizing MY sewing room too. This is a shelf that needs lots of TLC, as you can see.

My fabric closet is a nightmare. I can't even step inside. The fabric is piled practically to the ceiling. This may take months to organize...

Sooo, as suggested, I purchased a 24" X 5" Lip Edge Ruler to help fold fabric. While at Walmarts, I found a ruler for about $10, but decided to use the coupon at Hobby Lobby.

The ruler at Hobby Lobby was $14.99, but with the coupon, I paid $9.

I refolded several bolts of fabric.

This is already proving to be a SPACE SAVER!
Well, I have a long ways to go, but at least I got SOME fabric organized.


I'll keep you posted on my progress!

PS) I bought more fabric from the dollar store this week -- so far, I've made 2 pairs of Capri's, 1 slacks, and 3 skirts.


Patty said...

List pictures of your completed garments so we can see and be inspired.

Are you planning on folding a little fabric each day? You could do it for your daily exercise; I know moving fabric around can be a nice workout!

Anonymous said...

Patty is right, don't try to do it all in one day.. if you're like me tho.. I got so excited that I kept on folding and folding until I had one awful backache. Then I got smart and just worked on a few pieces at a time through out the day and before I knew it, I was finished with one closet.
BTW have you been stealing fabric's from me? huh? I see several pieces that are exactly like some I bought ;)
Wait till you see the dress I'm making.. I think I'll go ahead and start a blog showing it before I get it put together.. remember the pattern I was fussing about? I decided I'd do one in patchwork, that way I could see if I really liked the finished dress before investing in a huge amount of fabric for it.
So far.. I like.