Friday, August 1, 2008

Another day on the farm...

Moon doggie (I didn't name him) It's been a few weeks since I'd been to the farm. Pamela's been sick and we'd been swamped with activities. Even though I expected drought conditions, I was surprised to see how DRY everything was. With this triple digit weather, it's no wonder our gardens were barren.

Fortunately the cotton survived and is ready to pick!


A surviving melon.

Putting things together for the new Tonkawa site.
Pamela and Crista.


An ancient oak tree.

Taking a break in the Homestead.

The democrats.

This picture's for Mike and Alan -- Water is low. Check out the pier.

Imagine riding in a wagon in the 1800's in this heat?

Janet, was earlier showing off her way-too-cool pantaloons and hoop skirt!

Pam, looking through the glass.

At least the cactus are in their element!

Stay cool!


Anonymous said...

Democrats? LOL

I enjoyed touring the farm. I bet it IS hot out there.. it is here too. Almost too hot to swim.

Cindy Cates said...

I look forward to seeing the farm when we are down for the wedding. We have something like it in Waco, Homestead Heritage which is neat to go to when they have open house.

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We are watching Travel Chanel right now about China, can't wait to go there!