Friday, July 11, 2008

Bean busy...

Thought I'd update ya'll on the garden thing... I've bean busy getting my front yard hoed and ready for the garden. My heirloom bean plants have already sprouted and as you can see, they are craning their necks for the outdoors. The thing is, I thought I'd have the garden fenced and ready before the beans sprouted.

Breaking the ground and digging up the grass (on hard soil) was harder than I thought. We did manage to get some rain this week, but we're back in the 100 temp ranges (101 tomorrow and Sunday) so this means the ground will be like cement again.

Zucchini on the left, and beans on the right. The yellow and red bell peppers are sprouting too.
The Malabar is shown with two variations of stem colors. Growing but still waiting on garden for transplant.
Pamela planted lettuce and we are looking for a nice long pot to transplant to maintain in greenhouse. My green onions are thriving and its been a treat plucking them in the mornings to fry in our eggs.

Here's my latest decoy to prevent unwanted birds and pests in the garden. I strung a CD from a plant holder and the wind takes care of the rest. It's actually very pretty when it reflects the sun and casts twirling shadows and rainbows around the garden. So far so good! Been enjoying fresh tomatoes ever since!


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your garden pictures. My spinach doesn't look a bit like yours. I'll try to remember to take a picture tomorrow.. its already getting too dark now.
It was extremely hot today.. around a hundred so I watered my plants early morning and again this afternoon even tho rain was moving in again with those drated tornado warnings. So far its quite out there.