Sunday, December 9, 2007

FASHION - Tonner Himself!

This picture was sent by a customer of mine. She had the good fortune of meeting Robert Tonner in person! I've been invited to fly to Chicago so we could visit the next doll show together!

Here's a list of dolls I have in my collection so far:

* Madam Alexander Cissy
* Tiny Kitty
* Kitty Collier
* Gene Ashton Drake
* American Model
* Ellowyne Wilde
* Fashion Royalty
* Tyler Wentworth
* Silkstone Barbie
* American Girl
* My Size Barbie
* My Scene Barbie
* Kelly
* Barbie
* Skipper
* Ken
* Bratz

WISH LIST: Dollfies of all sizes

I must confess... I'm not a typical "doll collector"... Even though I design elaborate clothing for dolls - MY dolls are standing naked!

I have received MANY a raised eyebrow by unsuspecting visitors! What gives with all these naked dolls? They must think.

Perhaps I will sit down after the holidays and finally DRESS UP my dolls...

New year's resolution for 2008!


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