Thursday, June 24, 2010

Turning your Oranges into Lemons!

There is nothing more refreshing than a sweet cold orange on a hot summer day. But what does one do when that bag of oranges turns out to be too sour? Turn them into lemons!

The next time your bag is sour, slice and freeze for that cool glass of water, or serve with sun tea!


Cindy said...

I *love* this idea! Will have to try it if it happens here.

Patty said...

I thought maybe you made lemon-aid with them and called it orange-aid. I am always so dissapointed when the oranges are sour; it's such a let down!

Anonymous said...

What a neat idea.. when I lived in CA I had a tree that was a cross between lemons and oranges and it made the best lemonade.

Helen said...

@ Patty:

Since I specifically buy lemons and limes for our water and tea here, I decided to use oranges that are too sour to eat. We were disappointed our bag made us pucker, but then I thought about how they are just as good as lemons! My iced tea is now so yummy!

theodora said...

Hi there I found you at lauras blog,read about your trip ,must have been fun and adventerous, guess you didn't pop over to greece that's where I am things are not as bad as the news make it out to be ,trouble is mainly in the city center the islands are calm, like the idea with the oranges by the way. take care theodora

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