Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring Break

Sticking close to town for spring break, we went to McKinney Falls State Park for a picnic and hike.

If you look closely, you can spot cactus growing on this tree.

The water was cool and inviting.

It was a fabulous way to spend our day. On our way home, we stopped by HEB to pick up fresh ingredients.

Can anyone say, homemade TACOS?


Anonymous said...

Tacos sound good!!
That water looked so inviting.. it was hot here yesterday and if I'd had a stream like that I'd have jumped in.

The WoodLand School said...

LOVE the photo with the lock! Great!

Daisy said...

Looks like you are having a nice spring break! It must be really warm in Texas! Just my kind of weather! Today was cool - in the 30's. We even had a bit of snow last night! Blah!