Sunday, December 23, 2007

Show Biz!

Pamela, wearing her new Colonial gown I designed specially for the Christmas Carol

My daughter is involved with the Sam Bass theatre youth guild, and has just completed her second production this year -- Theseus and the Minotaur and A Christmas Carol. What's really neat about her involvement with the theatre is that she had grown up on stage. My first involvement with the theatre was over 8 years ago, where I had performed in several productions and had stage managed.

Pamela spent many a time during my rehearsals crawling around the theatre floor, climbing over the props, and getting into mischief in the dressing room. Her big brother Josh had also been in some productions. This year was extra special, as several years back, Josh too had performed in, A Christmas Carol.

I took a few years hiatus from the theatre scene, and decided to focus more on my writing. It was during this time I decided I really didn't like being "on" stage, but preferred being "behind the scenes"... I think this is why my interest has been rechanneled into screenwriting, and directing.

I also don't have pleasant memories of my experience doing a television commercial. HOT glaring lights, the button popping off my top, and my daughter at 2 weeks old (the star of the show) screaming her head off. On top of that, just before the commercial went into production, she got a horrible case of cradle cap! This is an unsightly dermatological scaly rash that appears on the head of babies. Sooo, while shooting the commercial, I opted for a cute white baby bonnet to cover my daughter’s head. It was one shoot and retake after another trying to get my daughter to stop crying so the commercial could be shot!

But worse of all... (gulp) MY part had no script! It was all ad lib. My dialogue consisted of, "Uhh... so... I like Dr. uhh... great doctor... good delivery… I highly recommend seeing her for, uhhh..."

Sweat pouring from brow, conscious of my opened blouse, pizza fumes wafting from the adjoining room, glaring lights hanging overhead and a camera shoved in my face, and I’m stuttering like a total idiot.

No thank you let me stand behind the camera. I'll even be nice and provide a script!

So, I was shocked when my daughter asked to join the theatre scene. Normally she’s shy by nature, but on stage, she’s transformed! Who knows what may come of her newfound interest. I’m no stage mom by any stretch of an imagination. If anything, I’m guilty of trying to talk her OUT of auditioning for plays!

But, as any homeschooler will attest, we homeschoolers tend to look for educational benefits out of EVERYTHING we do!

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